Oct 4, 2017

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cycles of Faith
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"Come, let us kill him and acquire his inheritance."

The tenants in today's parable murdered because of their greed. They had no respect for either the servants or the son of their landlord. Motivated only by their desire to own the property they cultivated, they did whatever was necessary to further their cause. But they were fools. They only thing they inherited was a death sentence in return for their wickedness.

Greed can act like poison to an otherwise healthy mind. Instead of allowing one to think clearly, an obsession with having "more" can cloud a person's judgment. Certainly it won't always lead to murder, but more often than not it leads to using people for our own ends or dismissing those who cannot help us get what we want. Treating others this way is never acceptable. It is an offense to human dignity and to God who made us in his own image. Greed can also have a blinding influence, preventing us from seeing the blessings that surround us. When our focus is on what we want instead of what we have, the tendency is to forget that we have anything at all. The only thing we can see is that which we don't yet possess.

Ultimately, greed makes us miserable. It fosters discontent for our life and disrespect for the lives of others. It is certainly not a fruit of the kingdom of God. Belonging to this heavenly realm means living a life of generosity instead of greediness. It means looking for ways to share what we have to improve the lives of others instead of hoarding more to "improve" our own lives. Jesus tells us that his kingdom belongs to those who produce its fruit. May we root out the weed of greed and instead cultivate generosity in the vineyard of our hearts.


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