Feb 3, 2018

Faithful Reflections

"My Trouble With Lent" by Kim Grunewald
St. Margaret Mary Parishoner

I am a Pollyanna, a “glass half full, blue sky and flower” type of person who finds Lent very difficult. I participate in the liturgies but avoid the stations of the cross and the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary.

I tolerate the arid atmosphere of a flowerless church, but I really get impatient with the emphasis on sin, penance, sacrifice, and the evils of mankind. The sorrowful, longing, dirge-like songs, and the prayers and songs minus the alleluias, bother me as well.

Why all the sorrow, I ask? Isn’t life sad enough without focusing on it so heavy-handedly? The Gospels, after all, are good news, even during Lent.

Sure, Jesus was in the dessert, tempted by Satan, but He ended up being attended by angels. And the Transfiguration speaks for itself of the glories to come. Sure, Jesus gets angry at the money changers and their evil ways, but he also talks about raising the temple in three days. All the Lenten Gospels emphasize the Resurrection theme. So why delete alleluias and joy?

The passion of Christ certainly has its place in the readings for the season. However, I refuse to lose myself in the death themes. Why act like the Resurrection is a surprise?

In a sad world, I need to remember the Resurrection daily. I know the Resurrection is real. I believe in the Resurrection. Alleluia (oops, sorry, not allowed during Lent). For those who like it, feel free to keep your eye on “The Way of the Cross.” But I will keep my eye on flowers coming out of the ground, both literally and figuratively.

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