Apr 13, 2018

3rd Sunday of Easter

Cycles of Faith
3rd Sunday of Easter

The traditional opening of the fishing season in many places takes place between the end of April and the middle of May.

Although the exact day can vary by locale, usually by May 15, everything is fair game with the exception of a few sport fish, which are heavily regulated. Much like hunters who can't wait to go after their favorite game, fishermen anxiously wait for the opportunity to cast their lines into open water. Some look forward to participating in fishing contests to try to win a prize for the largest of a particular species. But most are happy just to catch enough to enjoy some good meals of fresh fish.

When Jesus appears to his disciples after his resurrection one of the things that he does, according to both Luke and John, is to eat fish in their presence. For the Gospel writers this is a way of indicating that the resurrected body, whatever it may actually be, is also a human body. The risen Lord is no ghost; he is bodily raised from the dead! This truth is at the core of our faith. As Peter states in the first reading today, "God raised him from the dead; of this we are witnesses."

We are witnesses of that same truth today. The old jokes about fishermen all have exaggeration as a theme. The biggest one always gets away. Fifteen-inch fish are suddenly twenty- five inches, and five pounders end up becoming ten pounds in the telling of the story. As Christians, we have our own story to tell. But it's not a fish story. It is a story about the One who conquered sin and death through his own death and resurrection. Through our baptism we are raised to new life by the Author of life. Like Peter, who was himself a fisherman, we are called to testify to this truth in the world. It's time to go fishing!


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