Cycles of Faith

“Don’t Forget the Holy Spirit,”
by Kim Grunewald
St. Margaret Mary Parishioner

Within the Blessed Trinity, my mother favored the Holy Spirit. I think mainly because He seemed like an “also ran” to her. Everybody prays to God, Our Father and Jesus, Our Savior, but often forgets to have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Cycles of Faith
The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Tiny fingers and toes. A little yawn. A loud cry. An infant wrapped in swaddling clothes. "What will this child be?" It is a question every parent asks time and time again. 

Cycles of Faith
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"This is how it is with the kingdom of God." What is a kingdom? Is it the brick and mortar that build up the castle? Is it the expanse of land a king can reasonably defend? Our notions of kingdoms may be romanticized in the modern era, but for the Israelites, a kingdom held deep historical meaning.

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