Cycles of Faith

Cycles of Faith
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"I would like to think that most people in the world would help someone who was suffering if they had the chance. I guess my optimism starts to take a hit when I consider that in some cases the cost will be higher for that help than in others. To help someone with a meal or transport someone to a doctor is one thing. To offer oneself completely, all of one's money or time, is quite another.

Cycles of Faith
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"When the collection basket passes you by at church, what are you thinking? The reality is that your spiritual health is tied into what you think and what you do with your money. People like to say that stewardship doesn't have to do with money, but the reality is that money is such a strong force in our lives, if we relegate it to something outside of our spiritual journey, it has the potential to sneak up on us and take control before we know it. In marriage, money is the source of most arguments and stress between spouses. The majority of big lottery winners find their lives in shambles just a few years after they cashed in the winning ticket. Credit card debt is a primary obstacle for many in trying to buy a house, car, or other primary item needed for basic living.

Cycles of Faith
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"The Pharisees and scribes began to complain, saying, 'This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.'" Jesus knew these self-righteous religious leaders were complaining. And he knew they needed to learn a lesson. So, in addition to giving a lived example of welcoming the company of "tax collectors and sinners," Jesus also directly taught the skeptics about the importance of welcoming those who have been lost. Today's Gospel gives a powerhouse lineup of three parables that all teach a similar message: rejoice over the lost sheep, rejoice over the lost coin, and rejoice over the return of the lost son.

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