Jun 19, 2019

Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Cycles of Faith
Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

"They all ate and were satisfied." Why read the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves this Sunday?

Here we see the mystery of our physical and spiritual realities intermingling. Too often, they can feel separate. When we go to Mass, how often we appear more ordinarily human rather than stretching toward the divine.

Perhaps our experience of the Eucharist is fairly mundane. We notice when a new sacramental wine has been selected. We feel the varying textures of the host and wonder if they'll ever bring back the one that tasted distinctly like wheat. As we shuffle up to the front and stride back to our pew, we notice the looks on people's faces and the clothes on their backs. We get distracted by the crying child, the man blowing his nose, and the mechanical sound of the air conditioner kicking in. How human we are, how earth-bound, how material!

And how good God is for entering into these selfsame realities. How good God is for proclaiming "the kingdom of God," for "heal[ing] those who needed to be cured," for having mercy on a tired and hungry crowd. How many of the crowd noticed what had been done for them? Did they realize their dinner was a miracle? How often do we miss the deeper reality of the Eucharist? Even if in the moment of receiving Communion we don't experience radical ecstasy and don't feel any different, there is a tangible reality to cling to. Our God loves us enough to become bread for us, not only to feed us but to be fed upon by us.


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