7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cycles of Faith
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Gospels continue to challenge us to the core. This is especially true in the way our social relationships have developed. Feeling safe and secure in the world are not things that come easily these days.

Actually, we may find ourselves feeling more reservation, caution, reluctance, and fear than ever before. In a moment’s notice, life can drastically change. When someone has been intentionally and violently hurt, especially someone we love, we can all too easily find ourselves very attracted to the Old Testament philosophy of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

Intellectually, we know this is not what Jesus wants us to do. But on some level it just seems to make practical or even political sense. After all, why should we allow someone to get away with a heinously violent act? Yet, Jesus cannot be any clearer than he is with this! Offer no resistance to one who is evil. Turn the other cheek as well. When pressed into service, go two miles. Do not turn your back on one who wants to borrow. Love your enemies. Now, take a moment to reflect on all of this. Consider a horrible act of violence committed against someone you love. Listen. Think. Be honest. Can you do as Jesus directs?

We want to be holy. But we are more comfortable with a definition of holiness that can keep us saying our prayers and on our knees in church. We are not comfortable with a definition of holiness that has something to say about to how we react to and negotiate life. We like to keep a sharp and strong line between the secular and the sacred. In fact, we would prefer that the doors between them be kept closed. God wants us to be holy as He is holy. If God sees this one way and we see it another, then where does this leave us on our journey to God?

Our minds like the practical, worldly, and secular answers to things. They are more black and white and at first glance appear to make more sense. Holiness wells up from our souls and is beyond reason. It cannot be explained. It is something we just simply know comes as a result of deep prayer. The truly contemplative eye knows inwardly that what Jesus asks is true and then willingly does it. It may not be easy.


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