2nd Sunday of Lent

Cycles of Faith
2nd Sunday of Lent

Psychology has taught us a great deal about family dynamics and how we have come to be the person we find ourselves to be. We are comprised of such a mixed bag of blessings and obstacles with their graced moments and sinful ones.

Think back on the journey of your life and how the many different and varied choices that you made influenced the direction your life. If you didn’t go on that first date with your spouse, who would be beside you today? If you chose to be in one place rather than another, what would have happened to the course your life has taken? We are on such a wonderful, exciting journey. What is most incredible and awesome is that we are not alone! God is with us. He inspires, heals, opens doors, and calls us every moment of our lives. The very life we have is due only to Him.

We can all sit down and list adjectives describing who we are. One may find him or herself more artistic than another or quicker with wit. We have unique gifts and talents and have the great gift of free will, which we treasure. Our histories come with more baggage for some and less hurdles for others, but we all have to find our way through the path we are on. However, have you ever given much thought to who you really are? That question has more merit than may at first appear.

We know ourselves as we live out our earthly journey. But do we know our heavenly self? What we know here is only one small part of who God has made us to be. The disciples really thought they knew Jesus until they went up the mountain. We also may think we know our true selves, too. We know that in eternal life we shall not only see


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