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The season of Lent seems like an appropriate time to begin building a parish library for the spiritual benefit of all of our parishioners. With a couple of parishioners to help, a space in the unused confessional in the southeast corner of church will now be our “Parish Library.” It may perhaps be better to call it a “Parish Book Sharing Library.”

The idea behind this project is to provide our parishioners with resources that they might be able to borrow for a time and then return. It is also a chance for parishioners to share books that they may have read for others who may also benefit from them. The space still needs more cleaning as well as light but, the good news is that there are already a few books in the library and more can be expected. The door to the library will be left unlocked and parishioners are free to browse through the books and borrow what you may want. When finished, parishioners will simply return them to the library.

As we build this library, parishioners are invited to add books to our collection. However, there are certain criteria that I would like parishioners to be aware of when deciding to add to our library.


New or used books by Catholic authors on:

  1. Catholic theology
  2. Catholic spirituality
  3. Catholic prayer
  4. Catholic Church history

New or used Catholic devotional and prayer books New or used books on the lives/writing of the Saints Books that may not exactly meet these criteria will be subject to my approval as pastor.


In a nutshell and for a lack of better way of saying it, we do not want the junk in peoples’ homes. The purpose of the Parish Book Sharing Library is to help give one another the chance to grow spiritually and come to a deeper understanding of our Catholic faith As much as I hate to put it this way, it must be made clear that the library is not meant to be a “dumping ground” just so that people can clear out their own homes. I ask that we keep this in mind when adding books to the library.

The library is also not meant to be a “platform” for personal agendas. The library is being formed for the benefit of parishioners so that we can all grow in appreciation of our Catholic faith. We can all learn something from one another even among those whose thoughts may be different than our own. To be clear, as the appointed pastor of this parish who took an Oath of Fidelity when I was installed, I will of course make sure that there are no books added to the library that completely go contrary to what the Catholic Church teaches or professes. But, for the benefit of all, books by Catholic authors will be the main focus of the Parish Book Sharing Library.

The library will, of course, be open all year round since it will be located in the Gathering Space. But, I hope that parishioners will take advantage of this opportunity especially during the season of Lent.

Fr. Tirso S. Villaverde, Jr.

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