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This weekend there are actually four things I would like to share with the parish.

  1. Thank you to all who supported Team SMM in the marathon last weekend. As I mentioned before, I formed Team SMM and ran the marathon myself in an effort to be able to strengthen our parish’s outreach efforts to those most in need. I am so happy that it is behind me now. As I began the marathon, I started out a lot stronger than I could ever imagine, reaching a 9 minute/mile pace which was better than my best pace during the training. I was able to keep the pace for about 9 miles. I felt the energy pumping. But, then after mile 9, I kept getting cramps in my calves that would not go away. I ended up finishing the marathon in 5 hours and 49 minutes. During the entire run, I kept pushing myself to finish, knowing that I was doing it for our parish community. Even thought it took me a little bit longer to finish that I was hoping for, I survived and completed the marathon in one piece, which was my ultimate goal. As for the next year, I will just say, “Only God knows.” Nonetheless, I thank everyone for your support!

  2. I also thank everyone for your constant support of the parish. I know that I recently have been “hitting everyone up” for donation after donation for one thing or another and requests will keep coming. But I want everyone to know that I am truly grateful for all of your combined efforts to support the needs of our parish community. With that said, this weekend we will begin efforts for our next major fund raising efforts which is the calendar raffle. The tickets and calendars are ready for purchase or selling. The specifics of the raffle are on the signboard in the Gathering Space of church. We need to sell a minimum of 500 tickets in order to make a significant profit. I know that this sounds a bit daunting. However, we are a parish of about 900 families. If only 100 individual sell 5 tickets each, we will reach our goal. Of course, the more tickets we sell, the better we will be. The thought of one person selling only 5 tickets is easier to handle than 5 people having to sell 100 tickets each. But, I am adding the incentive of a 10” statue of St. Margaret Mary to the 15 individual parishioners who sell the most tickets. Tickets will be available this weekend for parishioners either to purchase or sell. Tickets are $50 each and a calendar with the schedule of prize amounts accompanies each ticket. Thank you in advance for all the help with this much needed fund raiser!

  3. The parish will soon be able to accomplish two interrelated projects: clean up the side chapel in the northwest corner of the church and install a brand new sound system. Both of these projects will be funded in major part by a significant donation of $40K by a single donor who wishes to remain completely anonymous. With this generous donation, we will be able to replace the roof over the northwest entrance of the church where the chapel is located which has a serious leak. We will also clean up the interior of the chapel to make it look more inviting and conducive to prayer. We will also be able to install a brand new sound system in the church where more speakers will be added and provide us with the ability to enhance our liturgical worship by being able to hear better. I am excited about this project. As I mentioned, the single donation will cover much of the expenses but the parish might need to cover a portion of it. This makes it all the more important that we help with the success of our calendar raffle.

  4. Lastly, I also would like to announce this weekend that a committee has been formed to oversee our parish’s “Giving Tree” program for this coming Christmas season. This year, we will not be sending gifts to families from another parish. We would like to concentrate our efforts in assisting families in our own parish (or who live within our parish boundaries) who might be in need of assistance this Christmas. Our goal is to assist 10-15 families in our own community who might not be able to afford Christmas gifts. The committee and I are in the process of forming a list of families. To assist us in this effort, we are asking parishioners either to let us know that they will need help or refer us to families who might need the help. We are looking for families who are low-income, parishioners or Religious Ed/NCA families, and/or former clients of SVDP. All information will be held in strict confidence between the committee members, Claudia Lopez and Barbara Alban, and myself. Our goal is to have a list formulated by November 5th of this year.


Fr. Tirso S. Villaverde, Jr.

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