Father Tirso

As I looked at the calendar this morning, it began to dawn on me that I have already been at SMM for an entire year now. As we oftentimes find ourselves saying, the time has flown by rather quickly.

A lot of times when pastors and parishes reach the first year mark, there is a moment of reflection whereby both pastor and parish look back at the last twelve months asking themselves what the accomplishments have been. Yet, rather than approach the past year in terms of accomplishments or goals met, I would like simply to share several things that have been moments of grace this past year.

For one, many of you have already complimented me on the work done on the church doors. I agree with everyone who has told me how beautiful they look. I am very happy to have the doors back and in a condition that will allow them to grace our church for many years to come. As a moment of grace, I must honestly admit that the credit really must not go exclusively to me.

The door project would have never been possible without all of you. It was by your contributions to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign that made it possible to have the door project completed within my first year as pastor. I was simply the steward who made certain that your contributions yielded the fruits of everyone’s labor. Basically, all I am saying is that it was a group effort that allowed us to complete the door project. Having said that, it will remain a group effort that will give us the opportunity to complete another major goal for our worship space which would be to have all of our stained glass windows cleaned, repaired and reinforced. If our doors have reminded us of the beauty of our church building, we can just imagine how much more the beauty of our church will shine through when we are able to complete the work on the stained glass windows.

Other moments of grace this past year have been moments when we have been able to come together through hospitality and prayer. For one, I look forward to our monthly hospitality weekends every fourth weekend of the month. It has gotten to a point where I have found that reminders are not as needed as before. Several parishioners have commented that they have given themselves monthly reminder by writing it on their calendars. Like me, they look forward to the hospitality weekends ready to bring contributions of pastries and such to share with the rest of the parish. The monthly hospitality has been a simple way where parishioners can interact with one another and simply come to know one another. By our monthly hospitality along with other similar events, I hope to strengthen our sense of being a community. The moment we are able to know one another by name, we become a true family not only in name but in fact. I have been happy that many have taken advantage of our monthly hospitality to work toward that goal. I hope many more will do the same.

Another moment of grace this past year was the parish’s celebration of Corpus Christi last weekend during and after the 10:30 am Mass. We celebrated the Mass in several languages to give emphasis to the truth that our parish is as multilingual as is our God. Not only was there a good attendance at Mass, but we ended up hosting over 100 people at the potluck lunch! Again, parishioners came together and brought enough food to share with everyone there.

During the 10:30 am Mass last weekend, members of our Nigerian community who speak Igbo organized themselves to sing the Gloria in their native tongue. I had invited them to share their gift of culture and joyful song with the parish community in celebration of who we are as the Body of Christ. Together with our significant population from Cameroon, SMM has been gifted with the African spirit in themselves in a way that became a blessing to us all.

As I come to the end of my first year here at SMM, I simply want to thank all of you for being instruments of God’s grace this past year and I look forward to the many more moments of grace that are still to come. May God, who has begun the good work in all of us, bring it to completion!

Fr. Tirso S. Villaverde, Jr.

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