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I have been meaning to write about this for some time now but there was so much information regarding Renew My Church that I had first to share with the parish. We are still in the process of Renew My Church but much of the preliminary information has been shared through my bulletin articles so there is a little bit of a break for me to write about other things.

First, I know that several people had been wondering about the newly created shrine in the gathering space just across from the shrine of St. Margaret Mary. In particular, parishioners have wondered what the images are in the shrine. This new shrine is meant to be the memorial to George Meyers—a longtime parishioner and was one of the last remaining Luxembourgers in the parish. If I have the story correct, George Meyers’ father was among the many Luxembourgers who help to lay the foundations to the current structure that has been our worship space for so many years. George passed away shortly after I began here at St. Margaret Mary and since then I have wanted to honor his memory and generous contribution to the parish.

After George passed away, he actually left a substantial amount of money to the parish. It actually came at an opportune time. It was at about that time that we discovered a major leak coming from above the rose window. It turned out that repairs were needed around the area of our “steeple” with the two bells. I was only here less than a year when that happened so it became my first major cause of concern. Our financial situation at the time did not allow us the resources to have the repairs done. That is where we have George Meyers to thank because it was the bequest he left us that gave us the needed financial resources to fix that major leak.

Again, the new shrine is meant to be a memorial to George Meyers as recognition for his contribution to the parish. However, it is also meant to be a memorial to the history of our parish especially as we approach our 100 th year anniversary in 2021.

As many of us know, the parish was founded by immigrant farmers from Luxembourg. Some of our families are direct descendants of those pioneers. To honor the history of the parish, I had also wanted to install in the shrine a statue of Our Lady of Luxembourg (aka Our Lady of Consolation). For the past two and a half years since George Meyers passed away, I have been working with the Luxembourg Brotherhood of America to obtain a statue of Our Lady of Luxembourg. The parish’s contribution to the project was to get the shrine ready which is what we have now.

In the center of the shrine is a framed picture of Our Lady of Luxembourg which is there temporarily until we can get a statue of her. Behind the picture of Our Lady of Luxembourg is a new stained glass window with a symbol of the Virgin Mary. The shrine was painted blue since that has been the traditional color for the Virgin Mary in Catholic devotion. As you face the shrine and look to the right, there is a statue of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child that I had bought in Uganda when I went there three years ago. It was a way to honor our current immigrant population from the various countries of Africa. On the other side is a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows which I had someone bring back for us from the Philippines. It was a way to honor our immigrant population from the Philippines. It was the image that we had used on Easter Sunday morning when the parish held a custom popular in the Philippines which depicts the announcement of the Resurrection by Jesus to his Mother.

Getting back to the statue of Our Lady of Luxembourg, I cannot disclose too much of the details at the moment but it looks like we might be one step closer to getting a statue to put there permanently. When that happens, we will have some sort of celebration and ceremony to enshrine her in the memorial where we will invite the Luxembourg Brotherhood of America, friends and family of George Meyers, and the entire parish to participate. Again, I cannot share the details yet but I am just praying that it will fall into place very soon.

The stained glass window project is also coming along very well. But I will write about that for next weekend.

Fr. Tirso S. Villaverde, Jr.


Please remember that ALL parishioners are invited to attend the following sessions.

RMC 101 for SMM Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 11:30 a.m. in the Activity Center

Mr. Tim Weiske, the Director of Strategic Planning and Implementation for the Archdiocese of Chicago, will be on hand to facilitate. This session is meant to be an introduction to the Renew My Church journey and answer any preliminary questions parishioners may have.

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