Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A

The Scripture Readings of these last days of the Liturgical Year emphasize more on the Kingdom of God and the final judgment. We are told that on our last day we will go to see God face to face. There, we all must give an account of our lives on this earth. The Gospel of this Sunday gives insights into just what our Lord expects of us during our earthly journey toward the heavenly home.

In the parable, Matthew 25: 14-30, Jesus tells us about the talents that were given to the servants. Let us acknowledge that the servants are the followers of Christ the Lord from the beginning to the very last day of this earth. The five, two and one talents can be understood as God’s gifts, including the gift of faith, of hope, and of love. Also, they are the call to discipleship and individual talents for human activities that are unique to each.

Indeed, those with five talents have more demands and responsibilities than those with only one talent. It is true for followers of Jesus who are more capable than others to serve the Church and society. For those who are in leadership roles there must be no self-interest or indifference or fear of failure to keep them from a generous spirit and generous deeds. Clearly, our Lord does not expect the same return on talents that one was given, but only that of which each person is capable.

Through the parable, Jesus teaches us that we, as his followers, will please our Lord if each of us uses well God’s gifts for our own good and the good of other. We will be rewarded for our good deeds.

Of course, our Lord will not be pleased to hear and see that we have not made any profit from our talent(s). This is the response from the Master, “you wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I did not plant and gather where I did not scatter? Should you not then have put my money in the bank so that I could have got it back with interest on my return?” (Mt 25: 26-27)

Let us all determine that we will do well in using God’s gifts. Let us fear nothing in sharing our faith with each other, especially to the ones who have not heard anything about our God. Let us allow ourselves with God’s graces to grow in knowledge and love of God.

We believe that if each of us to live our life faithfully with the Lord and fulfill our tasks fully while on this earthly dwelling, then there will be no fear for us on our final judgment.

Fr. Phi Nguyen

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